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Starting a Business
Basics of Going into business | Basics of Starting a Business | Basics of Buying a Business | Basics of Buying a franchise |   | Basics of Managing a Business | Requirements and Needs When Starting a Business | Making the Decision to Start a  | best brokers reviews  |  Business | Determining the Feasibility of Your Business Idea  | Starting a Small Business FAQ - Meir Liraz  | Checklist for Starting a Business | Developing a Business Plan | Sample Business Plan  | Planning a Manufacturing Company | Planning a Service Firm | Planning a Retail Store | Planning a Home Based Business | Planning a Small Construction Firm | How to Decide on The Legal Structure of Your Business | How to Borrow Money | How to Raise Venture Capital Money  | How to Find New Products | How to Make Money With a New Idea or Invention | Basics of Patents | How To Decide On a Store Location | How to Decide on a Shopping Center Location  | Entering Into a Partnership | Basics of Retailing | Franchise Business Success | How to Select a Franchise Business | Running a Successful Small Business, Costs for Small Business Owners Projects
General Management
Introduction to the Management Audit | Basic Planning Audit | Personnel Audit | Production Audit | Sales and Marketing Audit | Advertising and Promotion Audit | Bookkeeping and Accounting Audit | Financial Planning and Loan | Proposal Audit | How to Manage Effectively | How to Develop a Strategic Plan | How to Develop a Profit Plan | Planning and Goal Setting | Productivity Management by Meir Liraz | Selection of Merchandise | Tools for Merchandise Management | Implementing a Merchandise Improvement Program | Retail Pricing, Sales and Markdowns | Retail Advertising and Promotion | The Function of Purchasing | Determining Purchasing Needs | Selecting Suppliers | Making the Purchase | Preparing the Purchase Order | Receiving and Inspection | Buying for Retail Stores | The Equipment Replacement Decision | The Lease or Buy Decision | Managing Your Inventory | Stock Control (Retail) | Risk Management | Business Survival Tips | Fixing Production Mistakes | Taking Advantage of Your Wholesalerג€™s Services | Managing a Family Business (Checklist) | Understanding the Family Business | Balancing Family and Business Goals | Problems in Managing a Family | Business | Choosing a Successor in a Family Business | Family Business Assessment (Checklist) | Family Business Strategic Planning (Checklist) | Preventing Embezzlement | Preventing Employee Pilferage | Preventing Burglary and Robbery Loss | Outwitting Bad-Check Passers | Preventing retail theft | How to Set up a Quality Control System by Meir Liraz | Small Business Creativity Techniques | Small Business Self Motivation | Essential Elements of Leadership in a Small Business | US Government Small Business Loans | Get Free Small Business Counseling and Advice Courtesy of the US Government |
Sales and Marketing

Introduction to Marketing | Marketing: an Overview | Marketing Checklist (Retail) | How to Develop a Marketing Concept | How to Learn About Your Market | How to Perform a Low Cost Market | About Marketing | Research | Advertising and Marketing | How to Understand Your Customers | How to Develop a Small Business Marketing Plan | Business Marketing | How to Create a marketing budget | Planning your Advertising Budget | Planning a Retail Advertising Program | Writing Advertising Copy | Deciding On the Advertising Media | Network Marketing | Developing Effective Advertising | Evaluating Your Advertising Results | How to Promote Your Business | How to Find New Customers | How to Expand Your Market | How to Take Advantage of a Market Switch | How to Forecast Your Sales | Creative Selling | Selling Tips | Improving personal selling (retail) | Small Business Publicity Tips | Specialty Advertising | How to Sell On Consignment | How to Sell By Mail Order | How to Sell By Independent Sales Agents | Pricing In a Manufacturing Firm | Pricing in a Service Firm | Pricing in a Retail Store | How to Measure Sales Force Performance | How to Ensure That Your Products Will Produce | Sufficient Sales by Meir Liraz |

Buying a Business
Buying or Selling a Business | The Buy-Sell Process | The Flow of Decisions in Buying a Small Business | Locating Market Information | Locating Financial Information | Locating Legal Information | Determining the Value of a small Business | Negotiating the Buy-Sell Contract | Financing and Implementing the Transaction | Income Statements and Balance Sheets | Adjustments to the Financial Statements | Analyzing the Financial Statements | Analyzing the Market | Analyzing the Company's Marketing Performance | The Sales Forecast | Small Business Loans by Meir Liraz
International Trade - Export Import
Introduction to Export | Export Strategy | How to Get Export Advice | How to Research Export Markets | Methods of Exporting and Channels of Distribution | How to Prepare Your Products for Export | How to Export a Service | Making Contacts in Export | Tips for Business Travel Abroad | How to Sell Overseas | Pricing, Quotations and Terms in Export | Documentation, Shipping and Logistics | Methods of Payment in Export | Financing Export Transactions | After Sales Service in Export | Technology Licensing and Joint Ventures | Glossary of Export Terms | Developing an Export Business Plan |


Personnel Management
Introduction to Personnel | Management | Developing a Personnel System | Hiring the Right Employees | Employee Training and Development | Building Employee Trust | Productivity Improvement | Delegation: Delegating Work and Responsibility | Setting Up a Pay System | Importance of Employee Relations | Administrative Personnel Procedures | Effective Supervisory Practices | Supervising: Positive Discipline | Dealing with Employee Grievances | Communicating With Your Employees | Managing Employee Benefits | Developing a Training Program | Using Temporary Help Services |
Inspiring Anecdotes
"I Can Make It Happen" | A lesson from a Mad Hatter | A Tragedy Or a Blessing? | Grind or Shine | The Whole World Came Together | Post-it Notes | From Candles to Soap | Blurred Vision | Quick Decisions |
Home Based Business
Home Business: Is It for You? | Things to Consider Before Starting a Home Business | Planning a Home Based Business | Home Business Financial Planning | Home Business Record Keeping, Taxes, Insurance and Permits | Building the Image of Your Home Business | Useful Tips for Home Based Business Success |
Small Business Ideas

Ten Keys to Small Biasness Success | Online Business | Working Effectively In a Home Office - Business Insurance | Ten Marketing Mistakes Business Loans | Ten Areas of Leverage Business License | Employer-Employee Rules for Successfully Business Loan by Meir Liraz | Successful Business Name | Ideas to Promote Business Plans | International business | Win-Win internet business | Tips to Enhance online business | small business loans | How to be the business | How to Improve small business | How to business articles | Improve Your small biasness | How to Improve Your business credit | Ten Things to small biasness | Business forms | Business grant | Starting a small business | Small Business Opportunities | Find a business | Tips For Starting small business | Marketing business | Small business administration | Small business government grants | How to small business insurance | How to Start small businesses | Register a business | Small business grants | Small business loan | Business opportunity | Business registration | How to Prevent small business Disasters | How to Manage Your small business | How to Grow Your small business | How how to start your own business | Opening a small business | Small business ideas | Setting up business | Components of start a small business | Tips for start up business | Common Mistakes in start small business | 10 Myths About start your own business | How to starting a new business | Why you need to starting a small business | How to starting my own business  | What to Say or Do When starting new business | Unique starting up a business | How to Attract business entrepreneur | Small business management | Cost to start a business | Guide to starting a business | Help starting a business | How to getting a business started | How to run a small business | Starting your own business |

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Small Business Tips and Techniques

How To Build a High Performance Team | How To Motivate Your Employee | How To Motivate Salespeople | How To Reach a Goal Faster | How To Spot Accounting Frauds | How to Increase Profits in Your Business | How to Craft a Compelling Mission Statement | How to Achieve The Goals You Set For Yourself | Effective Decision Making | How to Solve Problems | How To Delegate Effectively | How To keep your key employees | How To Deal with Employee Problem Behavior | How To Conduct Effective Meetings |  Top 10 Ways Ways to Make It, Financially | How To Build Solid Business Partnerships or Alliances | Ten Common Communication Mistakes | How To Become a Better Listener | How To To Find Opportunities in A Rapidly Changing World | How To Make A Good "First Impression" | What To Consider When Making An Investment Decision | How To Protect Your Intellectual Property | How to Become Personally Empowered | Ten Tips For Personal Growth | Small Business Tips Main |

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